embossed diy invitations

diy embossed invites

diy embossed invites

Embossing is so easy! It takes nothing but a $20 heating tool, some ink, embossing powder, a stamp and some paper. I learned how to emboss at the Paper Source store in Berkeley back in 2007. One of their staff was nice enough to give me a short tutorial and I ended up embossing all of my wedding paper needs: invites, escort cards, table numbers, the guestbook. Embossing is a simple way to make a raised surface where you stamp. It adds some shine to your stamp and makes it look more ‘done’ than a plan old stamp would. Click below the jump for a simple tutorial.

font you like
stamp you like
embossing powder (white in my case, used with two different colored inks– white almost always looks better than the colored powder when you use colored ink, which i think is better than using the clear embossing only ink)
an embossing tool

1. Print your invite directly onto the page. I like to use Paper Source’s #10 paper because there is no need to mess with sizing special paper for your printer. You can simply pick the #10 envelope setting and do two invites on one page.

embossing in progress

embossing in progress

2. Stamp wherever you would like on the card with colored ink. For these invites I used two different colors. Do not forget to clean your stamp with Windex and a paper towel when you change colors!
3. Shake the embossing powder over the ink
4. Remove excess.
5. Place the embossing tool over the powder and turn on, leaving about three inches of space between your paper and the tool.

I liked to stamp a bunch at once and then emboss a bunch at once to make it quicker. Have fun!

the finished product!

the finished product!


2 responses to “embossed diy invitations

  1. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your genious contribution to our engagement party Meg!! These invitations turned out PERFECTLY – everybody asked me where I got them and raved about how professional they looked. Very nice.

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