monoprinting inspiration

monoprint by emmanuel pratt

monoprint by emmanuel pratt

So you’ve always talked about wanting to take a monoprinting class? While I can’t guarantee that yours will turn out like Emmanuel Pratt’s, I can offer a simple tutorial for starting at home to get a feel for it.


a piece of plexiglass or regular glass taken from a thrift store picture frame
acrylic or tempera paint
a brayer, cardboard paper towel roll or a small paint roller
a paintbrush or pencil

One Way

1. Roll paint over the entire piece of glass.
2. Place paper directly atop being careful with air bubbles.
3. Using the tip of the handle of the paintbrush or the eraser side of a pencil, draw a design or picture, pressing firmly but not too firm that you tear the paper.
4. Slowly lift up the paper.
5. DONE!

The Other Way
1. Load your paintbrush with color.
2. Draw directly onto the glass.
3. Press glass down atop paper.
4. DONE!

by emmanuel pratt

by emmanuel pratt


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