urban farm on the last warm day of fall

god's hill city farm

god's hill city farm

These photos come from God’s Hill City Farm in Milwaukee. This farm is located in my dad’s backyard and he’s been out there most every morning and evening in season since 2006. Inspired by MacArthur Genius Will Allen over at Growing Power, where he is a board member, Father Dearest started his urban farm to give a home to worms. It is like a worm homeless shelter, if worms needed one. Yes, I said that.

god's hill city farm

god's hill city farm

“Give a worm a banana peel and they’re at the drive-in with a cute gal, a sexy movie and a 40,” Dad says. His mission is to make sure the worms are happy in his compost bin and they return the favor by pooping very serious nutrients into the soil, which in turn, gives Dad delicious arugula (the choice of bourgeoise everywhere), basil, raspberries, tomatoes, kale, potatoes and the like.

rain barrels at god's hill city farm

rain barrels at god's hill city farm

You can learn more about starting your own backyard farm at Milwaukee Renaissance. Spring is just around the corner ( we can pretend, can’t we?), and you can start composting and gathering your worms ’round right now. Dad would welcome any questions at godsil.james@gmail.com.


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  4. Hi Dee!We don’t currently breed chkiecns but are getting set up to possibly do so in the future. I agree about the unknown quality of chicks from hatcheries, especially when I want eggs from pastured organic soy and corn free hens. We have some hens and roosters of a few different breeds that we are growing and would love to have 2nd and 3rd generations of properly fed chicks. This is of course unheard of in this day and age. We have recently slowed things down on our farm and have sold off a large bunch of our chkiecns and cows and kept what we need for ourselves. It got too busy/stressful trying to save the world at this time! LOL But I still have every intention of making these products possible in our area, I just need some time so my family, kids especially, don’t take a back seat and pay the price of mommy being too busy to give them what they need. Thanks so much for your support! It is nice to hear from others involved in the same thing we are!!

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