salvaging wood

Carolina Gonzalez

Carolina Gonzalez

I love what Carolina Gonzales did with brackets and wooden pieces in her greenhouse. Green and budget-friendly. I find pieces of wood everywhere. Back in my wanna-be-a-painter days, I couldn’t collect enough of the stuff. Most of the pieces I’d find in alleys and thrift stores, outside of construction sites and randomly, my Dad’s house. I have three great pieces that don’t match each other but are the right size for the walls in the front room in our house.

recycled wood shadow box

recycled wood shadow box

I like the idea of having a bunch of different mismatched recycled shelves. Some from wooden pieces I have found and others from thrift store shelving or Etsy sellers, all tied together by the books resting atop them.

reclaimed wood shelving

reclaimed wood shelving

This is sounding like a fun fall/winter project. Off to find some brackets.

Resources: Reclaimed Teak Shelf,

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  1. Hey Mitzel! This website is really kickin off. I love it. I remember your St. Thomas apartment and it felt homey without being cluttered and all traditional. I loved it. And forgot how dope the decorations were. Good job with the website, I really like it.

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