new chairs from craigslist: $20 + gas to the ‘burbs

one of the new chairs

one of the new chairs

[Note: These chairs lasted four days in my apartment until a wonderful woman on Craigslist answered my Free ad. I’m searching for covers for my Barcelona chairs now… Pics soon!]

$20 matching chairs from Craigslist. I’m glad I only spent $20; not so sure I’m digging them in full light. For now, though, they will do. Finding matching chairs for a reasonable price is no easy feat and I need something to sit on comfortably.

Okay, okay. Who am I kidding? I rarely sit in this room and buying chairs was supposed to help me turn it into the library with shelving I posted about yesterday. These heavy babies definitely remind me of the library and not necessarily in a good way. But, again – and I’m breathing deeply as I type this – they’ll do for now.

Now to work on the shelving and a nice bench to put between the chairs. My bought-for-$3.99-on-clearance Target boxes (from the Thomas O’Brien Vintage Modern launch back in 2005, thankyouverymuch) aren’t cutting it as a windowseat. And the shelving couldn’t come soon enough since I sadly sold my Expedit tonight. Excuse the piles of books everywhere.

For some reason the chairs looked completely different in the Craigslist photo. Ah, well. The good thing about $20 CL chairs is that they’re $20 CL chairs. Replaceable and resellable to the next chair hunter immediately.


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