sewing is easy! a gift idea for under $10


DIY napkins

I learned to sew at The Needle Shop with my BFF Zazzles last year. Their Sewing 101 Class is seventy bucks, takes three hours and you get a pillow when you’re done. I was taught the basics about a machine I had never dared to touch and decided I would make all my Christmas presents for 2008. Welp, the holidays are coming up in less than two months and it’s time to start making! I’m planning to stick with the so-easy-your-dog-could-do-it-if-he-had-fingers cloth napkins, at least initially. Everyone loved them, you can match the fabric to your loved one’s kitchen or dining room and you only need a yard and a half of fabric to make it happen.

If I can make my own cloth napkins, so can you. Remember, I’m the one who picks up a craft and puts it down after I’ve got a quarter of the hang of it. This little project does require a sewing machine and some knowledge of the machine, so call Gram or Aunt Sylvia or your totally cool with-it hipster cousin who makes his own hankies and see if you can borrow theirs. Or you can come to my house and use my awesome craft room/guest bedroom/closet-where-things-go-to-die if you bring me cookies.

1 1/2 to 2 yds of fabric
spool of coordinating thread (plain old white works just fine)
measuring tape
sewing machine

Make It
1. Cut four 21 in x 21 in squares of fabric.
2. Fold the the fabric half an inch on the top and bottom sides. Press with iron. Do the same for the other two sides.
3. Take the fabric to the machine (really wanted to add more steps to this one, it’s that easy).
4. Sew in a square and remember to backstitch at the start and end.
5. Press them again, make some cute tags, secure with ribbon, you’re done!

finished napkins

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