2009 is almost done

I don’t know about you, but I feel like September and October went by faster than Usain Bolt running downhill. Target already has their Christmas decorations up and Starbucks has brought out the red cups. And crazy me, I’m queuing up my Christmas Tunes station on Pandora and trying to stick to my self-imposed 11:59pm, December 31st deadline: finish all half-started projects. I’m talking paint the bathroom, finish painting the kitchen, paint the floors in the bedroom, get the guest room ready for habitation, make new window treatments, build a windowseat, get my foyer/library in order, put my prints from Vigilism up on the wall, all that. It’s a lot. Of course I’m procrastinating by looking up calendars for 2010. One of these will be ordered with a rule. It cannot go up in my house or even be opened until my project list is finished. Take a look at the motivation.

from top:
Lisa Samartino Atelier
Story by Mia
Pinecone and Lola


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