the landing strip aka your entryway

the landing strip

the landing strip

I am half-ass participating in Apartment Therapy’s Cure this year. I should say quarter-ass participating because all I seem to do is glance at the encouraging and uplifting weekly emails I receive and kind of kick myself for not buying the book on time… for the fourth year in a row. The Cure is an eight-week guide to “curing” your home and simplifying the nesting and decorating process. I’ve wanted to participate wholly and fully for the last four years but never seem to get around to it. So, here’s me kinda throwing my hat in.

I know Week 3 (nevermind that they’re on Week 4 or that I skipped Week 1 and 2) focused on creating a landing strip for all of those little pieces that you bring in and out of your home on a daily basis: keys, bags, shoes, jackets, scarves, you know what I mean. Due to my verging on psychotic need to control clutter I’ve always been good at making sure Ok and I have separate places for both of our “landing strips” but the set-up was boring me.



The old wicker shelf inherited from my Dad years ago was turning into an eyesore. The hanging metal rack was being over-run with both mail and the plastic bags we take along with us to walk the dog. The mirror next to it was placed too high due to holes in the wall and needed something below it for balance. The paper on the bulletin boards was starting to crinkle and crackle. It was time to switch it up. Then, magic struck in the alley while I was taking out the trash one night: this great piece was sitting right outside of my fence and I knew where it would live immediately.

shoppin' in the alley

shoppin' in the alley

The best part: it has a partitioned drawer for stashing mittens and gloves. Last year, I used a big old basket that proved very easy for little puppy to get his nose into which meant buying lots of extra mittens and gloves. Twenty minutes and one can of white spray paint and we were in business.



I’d been waiting forever to use the smaller bowls I got from a Milwaukee thrift store run and one of them collects change very nicely. The succulent adds some greenery to greet us upon arrival. And the metal bowl (not pictured) holds phones, wallets, sunglasses and earbuds.

The most difficult task was changing out the paper on my bulletin boards.

bulletin board before

bulletin board before

bulletin board after

I bought these boards the week Ok and I got engaged, and used them for wedding planning. I covered them with pretty paper I had been saving for years and when we moved to Chicago from California, carefully rolled up the paper and put the boards back together in each apartment we moved into. The paper has a lot of sentimental value to me and I’m saving it for a special project.

Finally, I added a wire trash can scored at Salvation Army that can never be used. The minute I tossed a piece of junk mail into the bin, little doggie came running and paper ended up all over the floor. Beware of dog, indeed.



Desk: Free
Spray Paint: $3.29
Thrifted Bulletin boards: $10.00
Fabric: $4.50
Thrifted Metal Bowl: $3.00
Plant: $5.00
Thrifted Small Bowl: $0.50
Thrifted Frame: $2.50
Thrifted Garbage Bin: $3.00
Thrifted Mirror: $7.00
Prints by Della Wells (all art in entryway is hers): gifts from dear Dad
Total: $38.79


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