class is in session: weekend workshops

After a busy Sunday where none of my projects went as planned, I’ve decided to press the reset button and search for a new hobby. One of the great things about living in an urban area is the bounty of learning to be had on any given weekend. Class is in session at all times in Chicago; knitting, printmaking, jewelry-making, pottery, metal salt etching…. errrr, pump the breaks. Metal salt etching? Yeah, I’m not sure either but you can take that class and the ones listed below if you’re in need of a creative pick-me-up.

Happy making!

Metal Salt Etching
Saturday, December 12th
2-4pm, $110
Hyde Park Art Center

Letterpress Holiday Cards
Sunday, November 15th
10am-2pm, $70
Lill Street Art Center


Saturday, December 19th
2-4pm, $35
Lill Street Art Center

Printed Totebag
Saturday, November 21st
2-6pm, $45
Lill Street Art Center

Learn to Knit
Sunday, December 6th
Sunday, December 13th
1-3pm both days, $50 plus supplies

Saturday, November 28th
2-6pm, $70
The Needle Shop


2 responses to “class is in session: weekend workshops

  1. If that letterpress class were not on my birthday, I would definitely want to take it!

  2. i love that tote bag! i wish i had the extra funds to take that class.
    so, i’m going to be in your neighborhood puppy sitting from wednesday night to sunday. i will be crafting for most of my time there, but lemme know if you want to get together!

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