update your cabinets for less than $5

kitchen cabinet update

As a renter, the hardest part of the apartment to personalize seems to be the kitchen. Demolishing ugly countertops is usually out of the question with landlords. Redoing old laminate flooring isn’t hard, or so says my sister, but is time consuming and expensive. Take the easy way out and tackle your cabinets. With open shelving being featured everywhere these days, removing the doors is a no-brainer, but what about customizing the backing?

Here’s a quick update you can finish in less than half an hour with two dollars worth of fabric in lieu of wallpaper, its cost and all that stickiness.


Tape measure
Fabric pencil
Staple gun

1. Take a photo of the cabinet door hinge. This will be helpful when you move and need to put the doors back on.
2. Remove cabinet doors. This usually requires just a screwdriver.
3. Measure the back of the cabinet. Add one and a half inches to this measurement. My opening was 13.5 x 28.5 inches so the magic number for my fabric was 15 x 30 inches.


4. Press and cut your fabric.
5. Fold a 3/4 of an inch seam around the edges of each side. Press.
6. Tack the edges of your fabric to the corners of the cabinet. I did this before stapling to make sure I had the correct measurements and so the fabric was centered perfectly.
7. Remove one of the corner tacks and staple the fabric to the back of the cabinet. Keep removing tacks and stapling in their place until you’re done.

after cabinet


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