real home: sydnye dyan allen

real home: sydnye dyan allen

real home: sydnye dyan allen

Sydnye Allen has been in Chicago for two short months but she didn’t waste any time in making her brand spanking new Hyde Park apartment into a home. She came to us during the warmer months from Austin, TX, where she received her doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences. Today, we get a peek into her classic remodel. Her home features many modern amenities that I’ve gone without for so long that it made me a little bit jealous (I’d sure like a freaking dishwasher) and I love the elegance she achieved with a thrift-store budget.

syd family

sydnye's family photo

Years Lived In: 2 months
Size: 850 sq feet, 1 bedroom, 1 bath
Neighborhood: Hyde Park, Chicago
Building history: All the apartments in the building are brand new. The project was a gut remodel. The building opened in September 2009 after 2 years of remodeling. For 2 weeks I was one of 3 residents in the building.

color in the bedroom

color in the bedroom

What made you choose this apartment?

I work primarily on the southside of Chicago. I love the neighborhood. Though I am not a parent, I am drawn to family-friendly communities. I drive a soccer mom car, a Subaru Outback, and eventually I do plan to have some kids and soccer balls in back!

sleeping quarters

sleeping quarters

Your home’s style?

My style is so eclectic. My taste in furniture is definitely more classic than modern. My favorite piece is a hand-me-down that belonged to my father’s friend, my father, and now me (30 years old). My taste in art is more modern than classic. I have some artwork I made and a few pieces made by a friend. I also have refrigerator art made by children I taught.

the reupholstered family loveseat

the reupholstered family loveseat

What resources did you use for your home?

I already had plans for reupholstering the hand-me-down button tufted love seat. I found Ancor Professional Upholstery, a local, family-owned upholstery shop and got it done. Target, of course! Several thrift stores, Village Discount Outlet especially.

Did you design your home around one piece of furniture, art, fabric, color, etc?

Green! The green button tufted loveseat for sure!

game table & chair from cooper's used hotel furniture

game table & chair from cooper used hotel furniture

Has your style changed through the years?

It has always been warm with mostly earth tones, greens, browns, and grays. I have tried to add more details of brighter, splashier colors recently, oranges, fuchsias, purples, to make the style a little more youthful.

What will be the next purchase for your apartment?

A sleeper loveseat for guests.


handmade aprons in their place & a bowl sydnye made herself near the sink

What aspect of your apartment do you like the most?

I LOVE the open kitchen and living area! I chose this floor plan over a larger apartment in the same building because the kitchen and living space were disconnected.

The least?

The small bathroom sucks. I like to lounge in the bathroom more than most people. Besides the kitchen, it’s my second favorite room.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

A larger, less expensive space.


syd's second favorite room in the house

A Little Bit Of Random
Morning ritual at home: stare at the walls, open the curtain and peer out to see if it’s snowing or pouring buckets, a bowl of greek yogurt with fruit and granola
Evening ritual at home: shower and getting the clothes out for the next work day
Last book you read: Chelsea Handler’s Dear Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea
Last meal you ate: Cheese grits and scrambled eggs made by J*******.
Last song you listened to: I Loves You Porgy- Nina Simone
Item you have on your person at all times: hand cream, lip balm, gum, a debit card, my phones

a pretty humidifier: thrifted bowls next to the radiator

a pretty humidifier: thrifted bowls of water next to the radiator


Armoire, game table, mini-bar: Cooper Used Hotel Furniture (they previously lived in the Ritz Carlton)
Loveseat: my dad’s
Desk: Target
Vintage stained glass: from a friend in Texas
Photos: family and friends
Humidifier bowls: Village Discount Outlet

thanks for looking!

Special Thanks to Temi Kujore for the camera lesson. Looking forward to stealing it again…

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7 responses to “real home: sydnye dyan allen

  1. my favorite pic is the one of the humidifier bowls!

  2. Smart, beautiful, compassionate AND stylish–Dr. Sydnye is the total package! : )

  3. Gabrielle Watson

    Love the green love seat! Great site meg!

  4. I love all of the pictures. They came out really REALLY good!

  5. Great interview and pics.

  6. This is lovely. Sydnye has a really nice place.

  7. Justin M........Sydney

    Sydnye. Showing one of your many talents.
    Your wonderful!!!

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