thanksgiving at my house

my kitchen

Oops, I’m in a dilemma!

This little kitchen is going to seat and crank out Thanksgiving dinner (with the lovely help of both Chef Erick Williams and Kate Bock and the kitchen at mk) for about ten people. Where will they sit? What will they sit on? Will my mismatched thrift store plates be considered charming or cheap? Will we really need more than five wine glasses? Does it matter that half of my silverware is the good-good wedding present kind from Crate and Barrel and that the other half is Ikea crap?

Hosting Thanksgiving is no easy feat. I was all ready and excited up until exactly five minutes ago when I realized that we swapped our rectangle kitchen table with a leaf for the round one pictured above and that the chairs I bought on Craigslist are super wobbly and to be honest, pieces of junk. This was simple when we hosted a Labor Day BBQ back in September with our entire back porch and yard to use for accommodating extra bodies. But, with snow and rain on the schedule, I can’t see forcing my baby brother to sit outside.

My living room will contain a beautiful dog who is good at both begging and expelling copious amounts of drool onto the ground whenever food is near. Will everyone sneak him pieces of turkey and cornbread? Will all of our hard work on the no begging front be for naught? It took months for us to recover from the time his Aunt Aziza practically force fed him pieces of cheese.

Deep breath.

After writing this out, I feel better. I’ll grab my crafting table and our bill paying desk and shove them together. They can be covered with a nice tapestry and I can use the reserve chairs we have in the basement. If I have to, I can use the table on our porch as well. One of my friends can forget bringing pie and just supply some extra servingware. Everyone will be forced to sign a contract stating that they will not, under any circumstance, even if there is drool on their shoe, feed the dog people food.

The important thing is that our family and friends will be together in a cozy, albeit small, apartment and that I will have the leftovers of a twenty pound turkey to feed my husband with for a week. And stuffing. Lots of stuffing. Food is food and family is family. Even if that means sharing a wine glass with my dad.

Happy Thanksgiving!


4 responses to “thanksgiving at my house

  1. I didn’t only feed him cheese but also tortilla chips, bread and anything else that he begged for! 🙂

    Anyway, things will be fine for the Thanksgiving feast!

    I’m sure that as I type this, you’re nibbling on things that are (or aren’t) done being cooked. I’m thankful that I’m not there to pop your hand!

    Have fun and take lots of pictures!

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  4. omg girl! I think you are my long lost sister (ok, probably more like daughter 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen! That farm sink is awesome & I LOVE b/w checked floors! VERY cute.

    I just linked to this post from your floor comment. How DID that thanksgiving feast turn out?

    Now I’m going to HAVE to read through all your past posts! but first I’m going to the gym to work out and get WARM! :-/

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