fourth degree friday: temi does DC

temi kujore

Hometown: DC
Current City: Chicago, 4 years, DC this week though!
Occupation: Photographer

Four Words to Describe DC
Home of mambo sauce.

Four Spots in DC to Check For
I’ve been away for a minute so I have to name the classics.

Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe: from breakfast to late night; good food, good drinks, good people watching
Tryst: for the best chai on the planet, always ask for extra animal crackers
Cafe Nema: good food, strong drinks, great vibe
St Paradise Cafeteria aka the church: best soul food in the city

Four DC Citizens We Should Know About

The Bernos Crew: unique t-shirts
Loide Jorge: jazz vocalist
Wale Aristoz: photographer extraordinaire
Backyard Band: DC go-go (Ed Note: Slim Charles!)

Four DC Plans for the Weekend
Short weekend, since I’m headed back to Chicago. Maine Avenue Fish Market for some seafood, check out the new spots on H Street, sneaker shopping and a stop by Nandos.


8 responses to “fourth degree friday: temi does DC

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  2. Temi! great shot, but no smile. what a shocker!

  3. Temi, bring me back some mambo sauce and Kramer’s IS definitely delicious!!

    Can’t wait to go back. Now come back to Chicago, we miss you!

  4. Now the only thing missing in DC is you!!

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  6. Neat! like it.

  7. Thinking hard or time out? A penny for your thoughts.

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