i made it myself!

… what kind of animal is this?

Okay, I made none of these myself. It’s a damn shame I can’t post some pictures of what I’m making for Christmas until the day after since quite a few of you readers will be the recipients–my gifts are that great. Handmade with love, fingers worked down to the bone, absolutely gorgeous holiday gifts.

…I’m totally overstating. They’re alright. You’d think I would have figured out how to sew in a straight line for all the time I spend hunched over my machine. Nope, can’t do it. I’ve decided that nothing looks handmade if it’s perfect anyways.

Since you can’t see my so-so work until after the 25th, (and I know you’re dying to) I’ll post some inspiration from the Flickr I Made It Myself Pool. Almost 18,000 folks and over 300,00 photos of everything from jewelry to mini crocheted monkeys.

…i wanna paint ceramics!

…love the fabric choices

… i would frame these bad boys on their own

…it’s a skeleton key hanger


2 responses to “i made it myself!

  1. AWESOME! That is so cute! You are definitely talented….please remove “alright” from your vocab….lol.

    • Oh, no, I didn’t make any of these. I wish! I’ll post what I made after the holidays and then you tell me they’re more than alright… hahahah.

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