planning a balcony garden… now

…via living in penny’s

Since I was fifteen, when the paper version of the NYT was being delivered to my dad’s house, I’ve started Monday mornings with Metropolitan Diary. The paper version has been replaced by the app on my iPhone, but I still wake up looking forward to the city anecdotes at the start of the work week. Reading them leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling about urban living and I go about my day on a happier note. An entry from yesterday’s edition got me thinking about gardening; yes, even in twenty degree weather.

The Balcony

Their balcony is nice, but very small.

It overlooks the East River and all

it can hold is two chairs and four plants in pots.

He likes to tend the plants and spends lots

of time out there; often his wife is in the kitchen when

she will call him, and he replies, “I’m in the garden.”

James M. Shea

This is an ideal time to scope out sales and close-outs for container gardening. Do some sketches and see where you can fit some plants on your balcony or the windowsill in your kitchen. Plant stands are super cheap at thrift stores and a lot of outdoor gardening gear at home goods stores is being offered at deep discounts right now. I’m sure they’ll go even lower after Christmas. Thinking about how great you’ll feel sitting on that porch or balcony come June with a cold beer and flowers all around may just get you through the winter.

… via tiny bites

… via apartment therapy


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