looking back

vintage goodies from milwaukee

I have been getting a lot of new readers this week. Welcome!

Of course, you folks would show up on the week that I have absolutely zero time to do actual blogging… so not a lot of new content. I thought I would look over the last three months with a few of my favorite posts. Here’s to more time in the New Year! Happy Holidays!

I started in late September with some monoprinting from Emmanuel Pratt. This was a fun post and I have since done some of my own simple monoprinting at home. Here’s looking forward to finally taking a decent class in 2010.

In October, the bright, lovely home of Lekan Jeyifous. More homes are here. There are only three, so send them my way if you want to be featured!

In November, I posted about the junk store and got in big trouble with friends who wanted to keep it secret. And here I go bringing it up again. Oops.

I was thinking about 2010 way back in November, with a post on pretty calendars. Hard to believe it’s almost here! And the list in that post? Totally not done. Oops, again.

We visited Chicago, Miami and DC with Fourth Degree Friday. More coming in the New Year. Friends will show you their favorite spots in Lagos, Austin, Santa Fe and London.

Amanda Williams explained her ideas behind this amazing painting. It’s been my desktop image for the last few weeks and it always brightens my day. Thanks, Amanda!

All in all, this has been a pretty fun journey. I hope you continue to check back and maybe even hit that subscribe button in the upper right hand corner. Thank you so much for reading!


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