cedric smith

Self taught artist Cedric Smith collects vintage photographs for use in his textured mixed-media works from friends, antique fairs and flea markets (an example of his findings). Smith started painting postage stamps with images of African Americans after hearing a line from Public Enemy front man Chuck D: “most of our heroes don’t appear on no stamps.” Later, he moved to painting magazine covers and now, he focuses on vintage-looking advertisements, calling attention to the lack of Black representation in advertising.

Smith also has a blog called Vintage Blood, where he posts new paintings and stunning photographs along with his vintage finds. I especially love this post featuring his photography of North Carolina.

More of his work is here.


2 responses to “cedric smith

  1. I am in love with the one with the kid on the cupcake! I want it…

    • Gorgeous colour, and what a great shape! I like fluid veevlt as much as tailored veevlt.Have you tried Clear It on Brunswick St? Fairly sure Alannah Hill has done some silver brocade over the years.

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