silverware people

How nice to have family members who know you well. For Christmas, my father bought my husband and I these neat little silverware people. The artist was an acquaintance of his who passed earlier in 2009. I’m so pleased to have them on my kitchen walls, and impressed at the ingenuity of soldering old forks together to make cool art. Send an email to if you’d like to purchase.

As an aside, the kitchen is almost done, and we are now contemplating curtains. Husband dearest insists we don’t need them, and that the dirty windows and cracked screens lend a wabi-sabi style to our humble abode. I am on the fence. While I love the light we get, the city-ness of the pretty bars outside and the view of our snowy backyard, the windows really are filthy and, despite my elbow grease, not getting rid of their grit anytime soon. What do you think? Curtains or no curtains?


4 responses to “silverware people

  1. what about a roman shade? that way you can always put it all the way up and still enjoy the view.

  2. Ooooohhhh, great idea! I think I want to do white with a black pattern. What do you think? Maybe I could buy white and monoprint or stencil my own pattern on there. . . or maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Thanks, I honestly can say I hadn’t thought of that!

  3. white with a black pattern will look great with your wall color. monoprint or stencil sounds cool too! you could even get a nice stamp and some fabric paint & go to town.

  4. I love doing the stamp and fabric paint idea. I’ve tried stamping on fabric before with not-so-great results. Any tips?

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