artists and designers for haiti


Both eBay and Etsy artists and sellers are making an impact for relief in Haiti. Check out some of these sellers that are donating either a portion or the total amount of sale directly to relief efforts.

Make sure you also continually check AphroChic’s auction, which will go through the weekend. 100% of every item sold will go directly to those in need.

Corrabelle: 100% of sale to World Vision’s Haiti Relief

The Art of Paper: $10 of sale to Compassion’s Disaster Relief

Emma Alison Designs: $20 of sale to

prettylulubridal: 20% of sale

Silverwoods: 100% of sale to Red Cross


4 responses to “artists and designers for haiti

  1. I just ordered the Emma Allison necklace – thank you so much for the link to these great pieces for a great cause!

  2. What great links. Have a great weekend!

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