haitian street art: tap tap trucks

Please donate to Haitian relief today.

We all have Haiti on our minds today.  Thanks to Jeanine at AphroChic, I’m happy to be participating in a Day of Action with other bloggers around the country with posts on Haiti’s unique contributions to art, culture, fashion and design.

Haiti has a vibrant, rich arts history, not just in world class galleries and museums, but in the streets of Port-Au-Prince as well.  Haiti’s Tap-tap trucks are a shining example of this.

photo by Vanessa Bertozzi

Tap-tap trucks are used as mass transportation in Port-Au-Prince.  Bright, elaborately decorated and often with Christian slogans, their name comes from the noise made by tapping the body of the bus to get off.  They are decorated by their owners and privately owned, leaving for a destination only when full.  Shouting ‘alé’ gets you on, and you say ‘mesi chofè’ to get off.

photo by todkat03

You can donate directly to Haitian relief through a number of organizations.  Habitat for Humanity is addressing shelter solutions for low-income families. Please consider them in your donations today.

More Places to Donate
Architecture for Humanity
Red Cross
Yele Haiti

Fifteen other bloggers nationwide are also participating in this day to action, with posts on Haitian arts, music, design and culture.  Visit them today!

PS I am also participating in AphroChic’s auction for relief today. Please bid on one of the nifty aprons you liked so much! I know you want one! I’ll link it when it’s up.

Participating Blogs

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3 responses to “haitian street art: tap tap trucks

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  2. So happy to see all my fellow bloggers. Coming together for a great cause.

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