get thee to dekalb, illinois


Acting on a Yelp review of Lavish Thrift from BackGarage, a girlfriend and I headed out to the burbs for some retail therapy this weekend. Unfortunately, information I found online was false and the shop was closed. On the bright side, a few other places were open for business and each contained a healthy dose of resale goodies.

Though the takings were plentiful, we headed back to Chicago empty handed. Why? Because I just cannot spend more than $7 on a vintage Pyrex. I know I can find them for less and part of the thrill of thrifting for me is the hunt. The dust, the smell of mildew and mothballs, the scummy floors, the half-off pink sticker day. For some reason, all of that does something to me. Like a guy who can’t take a girl seriously if it’s too easy, I am addicted to the chase.

I know all of you aren’t like that. I have quite a few homegirls who would sooner die than set foot into some of the places I frequent for good deals. Yet they always ask, “Where’d this *insert gorgeous vintage item purchased for ninety-two cents* come from?” For you folks, DeKalb is a mecca. Just remember that the ninety-two cent item from Salvation Army will be closer to nine dollars from one of these places. It’s still much cheaper than some of Chicago’s finer resale/consignment shops and worth the drive to DeKalb.
Happy thrifting!

230 E Lincoln Highway
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 758-7584

Moxie is housed in an historic two story building in downtown DeKalb. The first floor boasts cute clothing, great jewelry and some nice kitchen items. Upstairs was where the fun was for me. Tons of vintage clothing, dishes, shoes, bags and yards and yards of beautifully displayed fabric live on this floor. We seriously spent over an hour just browsing.

Cracker Jax
118 N. 3rd St.
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 758-8178

Cracker Jax is much smaller than Moxie and chock full of curios, jewelry, art, home and gardenware and incense. A lot of incense. My clothes smelled after spending ten minutes inside the store, but if you can brave it, there are treasures to be found.

What do you prefer? A hunt for treasures in a dirty shop or spending large cash and keeping your hands clean?


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