collecting cathrineholm

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I collect: vintage Pyrex, Glasbake, mugs, Sheffield china, fabric and pretty notecards.

I want to collect: Cathrineholm pieces.

Kitchenware is my true love and since I have open shelving, I’m always on the lookout for something new to display.  The rub?  They’re nowhere to be found!  Okay, scratch that, they can be found on Etsy and eBay.  The real rub?  I have never come across one in a thrift store.  And I can’t start collecting something that costs more than $5 a piece because my husband will kill me.

I first spotted these beautiful pieces in an Apartment Therapy home tour back in August.  Since then, they’ve started popping up everywhere and I.  Want.  Them.

via Apartment Therapy

H is For Home has a really great post on the history of Cathrineholm pieces.

Now you know what to get me for Valentine’s Day this year.


6 responses to “collecting cathrineholm

  1. These are so cool! had never heard of this designer

  2. I’ve only see pieces here and there… a full-on collection would be fabulous!

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  4. I am stunned . My Mother -in -law gave me our piece .When I looked it up ,I was greatly surprised to find out that this perfect teal colored plate with staggered stripes was quite rare and hard to find .I had already decided to take all the jewelry and catch all crap that that accumulated on it , off of it .However , I had no idea what a treasure it really is .can’t figure out its real value!!

  5. I wish I had seen the history post you linked to before I wrote my little history piece on I love your pictures, they truly capture the spirit of this iconic design!

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