my first giveaway!

I picked up this pretty pair of Glasbake casserole dishes over the weekend. I just had to have them for my collection; until I got home and realized I had the exact same pair tucked deep into the pantry.

In order to avoid becoming a contestant on Hoarders and to thank you all for reading, I have decided to have some fun and do a giveaway. And because I have so many thrifted treasures, I’m hoping this can become a bi-weekly occassion. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Simple, huh? I’ll leave it open until Sunday and will then pick a winner using

Good luck and thanks again for reading Urban Casita.


19 responses to “my first giveaway!

  1. FIRST!!

    Does this even match my kitchen? šŸ™‚

    I want to win them regardless if they match or not!!

    Good luck to all who enter!

  2. cute! i’m in.

  3. baked macaroni and cheese here i come! i hope. lol.

  4. me me me me!!! and aroundthewaygirl, i’ll take some of that mac&cheese if you win!

  5. I want them…..I don’t have any of those mitzel….and its almost my birthday!

  6. cute …. I could get rid of the aluminum pans I use

    : )

  7. Would definitely not want you to be a contestant for Hoarders (one of my favorite shows, btw) Hope you pick me!!!

  8. Exciting! & so pretty!

  9. I am still reeling from the loss of the aprons from the auction aphrochic- so i must win. I love these love these! But most important i love ms megan.

  10. Just think of all the yummy things I could make for you with them!!!!!!

  11. So cute,I need more baking cookwear!!YUM!!

  12. These are perfect! Would love to win. Will make any meal so much prettier!

  13. YAY!!!

  14. ME!!!!! ME!!!!! ME!!!!!! I don’t have anything in my kitchen. This might help motivate me to make or bake something for once!!!!

  15. They are lovely.

  16. I’m EXTRA late, but um…pick MEEEEE!!!!

  17. Pingback: and the winner is. . . madelyn! «

  18. wait I won!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

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