my home: bathroom update

Sometimes, in an apartment, you’re stuck with whatcha got. We live in a very, very old building with some interesting updates. The tenants before us were the first to install shelving in the kitchen and let’s say it wasn’t what I would have chosen. Simple fix: happily taking the cabinet doors off for a painless update and the open shelving I’ve always wanted.

The bathroom is more of a challenge. First off, our sink is green. Like, hospital pea soup green. The mirrored medicine cabinet above it is covered in chipped black paint (and no, you can’t see pictures until I update it!). And the country-style console above the loo has glass doors. Definitely hodge-podge. Can’t change the sink and I’ve been too lazy to paint the medicine cabinet, but the glass doors got some updating recently.

I was getting tired of having to organize all that lay within the cabinet and took the super-easy way out, as I do with most things. Fabric. Now I can shove as much as I want in there and no one will see it. Simply measure and cut your fabric, grab some tacks and push ’em in. Instant personalization in your apartment bathroom. Thrifted milk glass planters picked up from here and there (I told you, I collect stuff for no reason) were finally pulled from the closet-where-things-go-to-die and repurposed for toohbrushes, q-tips and cotton balls. Two more wait for plants atop the console. The cost? About $10.

PS I know I need to touch up the half-assed paint job. Appreciate me for what I have done, not what I haven’t! 🙂


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