thrifted: sheffield dinner set

Note: To keep myself sane, and to make sure I keep you, dear reader(s), entertained, I’m trying this little schedule thing out. A few days a week, I’ll always post on a specific topic. Like a weekly. A weekly feature. I’m still charting my path through this world of blogging and I figured giving myself a bit of structure would do me some good. Let’s see how it goes.

Welcome to the first “Thrifted.” I thrift. A lot. So much that my friends seem to think I can’t spend money on anything that’s not thrifted. (They are partially right. I have a weakness for IKEA and Target but don’t we all?) About 75% of the items in my house are from thrift stores or craigslist and it’s time I start posting my weekend finds and telling you where you can find them, too. The places I link to will probably hit your wallet a bit harder but if you’re not out there in the trenches sifting through aisle after aisle of crap to get to the good stuff, you miss out.

This weekend I found an entire set of Sheffield Golden Meadows dishware from the 1970s at my favorite Salvation Army. Eight pieces of each dish. Three different sized plates, two different sized bowls and a few serving platters. The damage? $35.

Over on eBay you can score one of the small bowls for $2.50.
Or two of the larger plates for $9.99.

Aren’t they gorgeous? No chips, no damage, a little bit of fading.

Oh, and puppy says hello!

Did any of you folks find something special at the thrift store this weekend?


11 responses to “thrifted: sheffield dinner set

  1. i found a vintage water pitcher with lemons on it. that will make a good addition to the kitchen.

  2. you don’t *really* want that dish set. you really want to send it to me and juju.

    • Juju would love them, I’m sure. You know I feed Sway out of glass bowls!

      • that pony tail does look cute. if your trying to grow it, just stick with it! it will pay off evlutnaley. but i too get tempted to cut mine into a bob sometimes! and im pretty sure i used to own that sweater in my teen years. i thrift gap all the time!

  3. Drea,

    I have first dibs as I saw them before she made this post.

    I love, love, love this set.

    I may find something in our next jaunt to put on my wall or something – cause they’re simply too adorable.

  4. I need more plates for my plate wall, too Z! Salvation on Clybourn is by far the best place I’ve found for dishes.

  5. Aziza i will fight you for this set!

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  8. oh how i LOVE this set!!! i took a friend thrifting when she moved to town to help her fill up her cute little apartment. i found 6 sheffield golden meadow saucers and 5 large dinner plates. total cost $7 (for her) total cost for me is a lot of pain every time i browse ebay or craigslist hoping ot find a set for myself. i can’t believe you found this large of a set at your local thrift store. ahh!! please say a prayer that i get my hands on some one of these saturday mornings… 🙂 have a wonderful day! –and i love your house and your blog (what i have read so far)

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