positive friday

I’ve been participating in a weekly Postive Friday post on a website for about eight years. Each week, folks post up only the positivity in their weeks and I’m going to start doing the same here. Please join me in the comments!

Dedicated to Aziza and Bridie

Positivity abounds, y’all. I’m feeling happy that we’ve reached the end of another work week and can focus on the finer things in life this weekend… like thrifting and painting and helping an oh-so-dear friend unpack in their new apartment. After that, it’s up to Milwaukee for a day for my baby sister’s twenty-second birthday. Happy Birthday, Bridie!

The name of the game this weekend is allow. I’m going to allow myself to have a little too much wine (okay, beer but that doesn’t sound as good as wine… I’m a midwestern gal, I love beer, sue me), a little too much fun and maybe spend a little too much money on that baby sister.

What are you up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments…


5 responses to “positive friday

  1. Yay! Friends to help fix my place.

    I’m excited even though I know not too much unpacking will get done and the jug o’ wine and the rest of the spirits will be consumed before a box is even touched!

    I’m positively happy for the friends that are in my life and the new leases at life that we’re given everyday!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Oh yeah, this weekend I’m entertaining a friend that’s coming into town (two weeks in a row, I may add!) so lots of shopping and girly gossip and foods I shouldn’t eat!

  3. Thanks for the positivity!!!

  4. Happy birthday Bridie!

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