teensy tiny bedrooms

When my husband and I began searching for apartments last year we knew one thing: must. not. live. in. a. loft. Tired of trying to make our industrial loft into a home (an entirely new post, but my thoughts can be summed up in the hilarious Unhappy Hipsters blog), we were ready for a vintage Chicago apartment with all of the “perks”: wonky heat, uneven floors and shoebox-size bedrooms. A year later, and we’ve yet to actually do any serious work in those tiny bedrooms and it’s time to get started. My thoughts are all over the place execution-wise, evidenced by the photos that are inspiring me to get it together.

I love the striped floor and girly headboard. The floors in our bedroom were painted brown by previous tenants. Since the room is so small, it’s a good candidate for a first try at floor painting.

In love with these pillows, the unfussy bedding and the little sconces above the bed.

This is a much bigger bedroom than I could ever hope for but the colors are calling me. Not quite sure how I feel about the headboard. Is it leather?

The oversized headboard just might work in our space but the bench at the foot of the bed is a no-go. Our queen size bed fits into a tiny nook with no space at the foot of the bed for anything. Finally, the lace coverlet is completely impractical. Still, I’m loving the overall design of this cheerful room.

Which one is your favorite?

Photo credits: RoomLust, isuwanne, WeHeartIt, BHG

13 responses to “teensy tiny bedrooms

  1. I like 1,2 and 4 best! I’m loving the yellow of the first and the sconces of the second and the headboard of the 4th…

    I’m needing definite ideas for a small bedroom since this is a first for me to make it comfortable and not just a room with a bed.

    I’m considering covering my present headboard with a fabric one kind of like the 4th picture. I think it will be a nice project because I’m actually tired of the wood and need a switch for a while.

    I’m excited for the possibilities!

  2. I like 1 and 3 best. The yellow is so cheery and I love the blues in the third picture, though I’m not sold on that headboard. The patterns are great, though.

    My bedroom used to be a sewing room, but I chose it because it had a door to a patio and the biggest window on the opposite side of the house away from the noise. I face a backyard full of wonderful trees and flowers. But it’s also the smallest room. I have to figure out how to get a chair in there.

    I need inspiration.

    • I love that you have a view! We have one tiny, yucky window that overlooks… the two feet in between our building and the neighbors. Virtually no light enters the room, which is why I’m loving the yellow!

  3. Sharon, I too want to have SOME thing else in my room, be it a chair – a bench just something.

    I’m considering also taking the door off its hinges to make room for a table to put things. all organized of course since there will be no door, lol.

    • Aziza, I actually like the way they have the desk at the foot of the bed in picture 3. You’d definitely have to keep the room organized without a door, but it’s a good thought. Very open.

      • Did I not mention that our door won’t close all the way either? Like Aziza, we won’t have a door for long… but there’s no way a chair is fitting in that tiny room! And Z, it’s not gonna fit in yours either! Hahaha.

  4. hishouseherhelp

    oooo tough one. i like the first 2 pics best. i think the first one is my fav! i always love a lil black and white.

  5. i love 1 + 2…..and no we just moved into a loft!!!! and in the process of trying to make it more us and homey. I will send you pics when I am done with the rooms. funny cause I wanted to ask your suggestions on loft spaces!!!!

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  7. I love the cheery yellow of room 1, the pillows in 2, the fantastic contrast of colors in 3 (and the light fixture), and the headboard in 4. Take your favorite elements and fuse them into your bedroom…

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