Twenty Steps to Bliss

1. Get up early on Saturday morning.
2. Call best friend.
3. Have a quick bite at the Flying Saucer in Humboldt Park.
4. Head to the secret store.
5. Remember that there’s no electricity, no heat and guard dogs.
6. Thank God you brought gloves.
7. Find twenty or so crates of vintage restaurant-ware.

8. Realize that said ware is covered in dirt, ice and paint chips.
9. Worry about asbestos exposure.
10. Stomp feet to keep warm.
11. Perform acrobatics to get to each crate.
12. Sift for over an hour.
13. Find an old laundry basket, fill it to the brim and bring it to the front.

14. Get quoted $20. Don’t even bother to haggle.
15. Drive home on Cloud 9.
16. Throw away gloves.
17. Use hot water and bleach on your dishware.
18. Lay out overnight.

19. Photograph with glee.




vintage china

vintage china


20. Plan a giveaway for Wednesday.

Did you find anything good at the thrift this weekend? Happy Monday!


16 responses to “thrifted

  1. I picked out some of those! lol

    My grey dishes look great, I think I need to go back and get more, lol! I should have just taken them all.

    I need bleach so that I can make mine look pretty like this!

  2. What a great find!

  3. Aziza and I were going through the photos of your fantatsic finds from the weekend. I couldn’t help but notice that you have a good eye as a thrifter and a photographer. Your photos are great!

  4. me=jealous!

  5. Sounds like quite the adventure! Love your blog, by the by. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.

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  7. seriously gorgeous finds!!!

  8. Oh wow… the secret store wouldn’t happen to be anywhere near Seattle would it?

  9. thrift find admirer

    oh please do tell where this secret store is located..for the chicago newbies like myself

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