open books!

I was stranded at work last night and decided to walk around the neighborhood while I waited on husband dearest to rescue me.  The snow was coming down pretty fast so I decided to warm up a block into my little stroll at Open Books, a new independent, not-for-profit bookshop in the heart of River North.  Super cozy and filled to the brim with books on every subject under the sun, it was the perfect little oasis to watch the flakes come down.

Open Books doesn’t just sell books– they teach folks how to read them.  A  literacy program for children and adults is in the same building.  If you’re looking for a good volunteer opportunity in Chicago, they have an orientation coming up in March.    Sign up here. If you’re looking for a great read and are sick of going to Borders or Amazon, buy local and shop here.

Hardcovers were around $8 and softcovers, $5.   I  got a new copy of Black Betty by Walter Mosely and am so looking forward to settling down with a cup of tea and Easy Rawlins tonight.

Open Books
213 West Institute Place
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 475-1355


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