giveaway #2


I meant to do this yesterday but ended up having a super late delicious dinner at MK.  So, here it is, my second giveaway!   If you’ve been reading, you know my homegirl and I hit the jackpot at the junk store on Saturday, and I ended up with much more than I need.  The pretty mugs are vintage restaurant china and so, so, so cute! Leave a note in the comments and I’ll pick a winner Friday night using  Thank you all so much for reading Urban Casita.


16 responses to “giveaway #2

  1. Great prize guys!

    Good luck to whomever the winner is. If I happen to randomly get picked, I’m donating them to my co-worker, Aaron!

  2. I feel lucky! 🙂

  3. cuteee… i can’t wait to win these babies!

  4. I love those tea cups!

  5. love ur giveaways girl!!!

  6. the cups are great, but i want to know when you will be doing an article about beanie babies… i have this great collection that i amassed throughout the nineties, and was told they would be worth a fortune some day. i need more press about their growing value so i can sell my collection and retire.

  7. PICK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! PLEASE!!!!! I seriously have nothing in my kitchen. Pick meeeeeeeeee!

  8. I need to pay a visit to this heaven store of “junk”- you find some gems! Send these cups my way 🙂

  9. good luck to everyone, but if i win, i’m keeping these bad boys! lol

  10. just imagining these filled with steaming hot chocolate, or a frothy white cappuccino…

  11. Pick Me! My dishes are chipped. I’m way due for some replacements.

  12. i love red. i love red on white. i love these mugs.

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