inspiration board by me


Let’s take a look-see at some homework I stole from mirrormirror this morning.


Paola is taking Decor8’s Blogging Your Way class and one of the assignments was to make a physical inspiration board to sum her blog. I loved hers so much that I decided to do my own.


I used three different fabrics in different areas of the board, mostly cause I love pattern and partly so I get my ass in gear and start sewing again.  The kitchen in this photo is from an old issue of ReadyMade.  All of the cabinets are made from discarded materials and it was one of the first do-it-yourself kitchens I saw in a magazine that I fell head over heels in love with.  I still haven’t seen anything like it since.


I love street art, outsider art, self-taught artists and DIY art projects. Fine art is amazing and inspiring and equally loved, but as an unschooler, the former appeals to me more personally.


Della Wells’ art is all over my home. My dad has been gifting me her work for years and she is my absolute favorite Milwaukee artist. This little card was stolen from the catch all bulletin board in my front room. It’s more at home here.


Making the collage led me to two questions:

One. How many boxes of mementos do you have? How many containers are stuffed into your closet-where-things-go-to-die right now with photos, ticket stubs, love letters, ribbon, wrapping paper, notecards, receipts, coins, paint sample card thingies, magazine pages, etc.? I am embarrassed to answer this. I still have a receipt from the first time Okunola and I ordered take-out food together. It was Thai.

Two. Have you ever made an inspiration board? Or maybe a scrapbook? Where is it? Do you reference it?

I’m thinking of taking all of the stuff in my boxes, sorting them out, and continuing to craft little collages to hang around the house. I ran out of space on this board; there are so many more things that I want to be visually available all the time. What use are the objects I keep if they’re hidden away?

So, spill it. Where’s all your precious junk hidden? What are you gonna do with it?

More notes on what’s in my collage here.


5 responses to “inspiration board by me

  1. I love your inspiration boards! This made my afternoon 🙂

    I am such a hoarder, so I keep everything (I still have my ticket stub from Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation concert) and my junk is EVERYWHERE. I try to keep it all organized in drawers, closets, boxes, bags, etc. but they usually just end up in a pile.

    I’ve never made an inspiration board, but I have countless scrapbooks and notebooks.

  2. Ok, so now I have to make an inspiration board too! I have so many little mementos… will be very fun to put them all together. I’ll share mine once it’s finished.

  3. i have a photo box- i even have the little paper where richard gave me his phone number- plane tickets, napkins where he would leave notes….insane…. i should take them out and make something!

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