vintage vessels for your plants

A lot of people ask me what they should look for when they start thrifting. “Look for it all!” That tends to be my quick answer. I forget that some people don’t like the general yuckiness of some thrift shops, even though my experience shows that the nasiter the store, the better the find. One thing I can suggest to the nervous thrifter is to have what you want to buy in mind before you set out. Maybe start with candleholders, lamps or picture frames. Or… planters!

Head to a thrift store and see what they have. Think outside the box when choosing your vessels. I love using brightly colored bowls or even old cooking pots for your outdoor plants to live in.

I’m pretty sure both of these were less than $5. More are on my thrift list for this week– I think I need to add some friends to the thirty plants scattered around the house already. Spring is around the corner and quite a few of these babies will be back to living on the porch which means empty surfaces with which to place them upon.

If you don’t feel like digging in the trenches, check out what Etsy has to offer in this department.

a pretty watering can, $7.50

a milk glass planter, $18

a good basket for planting, $18

a gorgeous yellow planter, $12

an egg basket as planter?, $13

another object to reupurpose, $12

loving the texture on this cream planter, $36
how do you feel about green?, $22


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