painted furniture

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Urban alleyways are starting to fill with castoffs this time of month. Folks are moving on and moving out and some are too busy or too lazy to try to sell their junk (well, junk is a loaded word) on craigslist, which means more for you and me on the cheap. I love my perfect entryway table found in the alley and its tiny price tag: $3.29 for a can of spray paint. There is little more satisfying, to me, than finding a match made in Heaven in a back alley.

Or, you could take the easy way out at the thrift store and find a set of gorgeous chairs that just need a little TLC, like Kate did a few months ago.

So, alley or thrift store, after you’ve lugged that chipping brown sideboard home, what comes next? I vote for spray painting. I’ve tried using regular old paint and it just hasn’t yielded the same results. With spray paint, all you need to do is sand, wipe with a cloth and aim. Take the hardware off first, and let it dry overnight if you can. I’m usually so excited to get my project into the room it was meant for that I get paint all over my walls. Try to be more patient than me if you can!

How about you? Tell me some good stories of painting with a plain can of Benjamin Moore. During this time of year I would actually prefer it since it’s not exactly great weather for spray painting on the back porch and these photos have me jonesing to transform something, anything in my house with paint.

via Bay Tree Originals

via Canadian House and Home

via Leporello Furniture


5 responses to “painted furniture

  1. I stared in awe at the green sideboard on d*s when it was first posted. I absolutely love it.

    As I’m still finding furnishings for the apt – I’m constantly scouring Craigslist (as you know) for different things. One of these days – I’ll actually start buying!

  2. i painted my bathroom vanity with latex paint and it’s held up pretty well. i don’t think i even sanded first, just some kilz primer. don’t do like me though! sand first and top coat with a sealer of some sort. I got lazy and didn’t seal it but it’s doing okay for almost two years now.

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    consider some nest of tables, I bought a set from my local ikea and
    they are really useful

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