your house wish list

If you’re like me, and constantly in a state of updating and changing your house or apartment, you need a list. A written list, in my opinion, not something on your phone or computer but a real life sheet of paper with ink markings on it. This is the start of mine. I realized that I would walk through the house in the midst of cleaning up and think, “hey, Megan, you really need a new lamp in here,” or “damn, did the dog eat all of the f*&%ing dishtowels?” And then I would go to the thrift store or Ikea or Target or Urban or wherever and completely forget that the dog did, indeed, eat all of the f*&%ing dishtowels.

Now I have my handy little loose leaf paper list and I can write all over it and cross stuff off and doodle and use different pens and pencils and use it ’til it starts to disintegrate. Yay.

What’s on your house wish list?


4 responses to “your house wish list

  1. I just started viciously scribbling. I’m going to be in this apartment much longer than I intended to be, and it’s going to feel like home, dammit.

    BTW, my name is Megan and I definitely do need a new lamp in here. Don’t have a dog, though.

  2. Bahaha. Love this post. Good call on the wish list; I need to make one for my flat. AND AMEN ON THE FABRIC. Right now mine is just piled all into a big craft box. Fail.

    • What about an old ladder for the fabric? At least the larger pieces… I’m thinking of displaying them the way Paper Source does for their large pieces of fancy schmancy paper.

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