I’m pretty late with telling you what I got over the weekend, but here we go!

Aziza and I headed to DeKalb and Aurora, two places very far from Chicago. We were out there to pick up a gorgeous mid-century bureau from a craigslist seller (for her) and to do some thrifting (for me).

After browsing five shops, I came up empty-handed but Aziza’s great purchase totally made the trip worth it. We also got in some quality girl time and that’s always a plus.

Z and I drove back to the city in our borrowed Ford F150 and I convinced her to let us stop in at the junk store knowing that since I had a truck, something big and heavy and truck-worthy would present itself there. Instead, I walked out with three of these:

Damage? $10. You won’t find that deal at the Container Store. While a bit disappointed that I found no furniture while in possession of a furniture hauling vehicle, these new baskets work well for storage and hang on the wall with some Blecka hooks very nicely.

The only other thing I picked up was the metal fruit basket you see in the first photo. It was hiding on a shelf at the super crowded Salvation Army, which is where I insisted we drive after the junk store, still convinced I would find a large piece for the truck to carry.

I’m sad that I missed a major opportunity with a big old American Ford, but happy with the smallwares. They’re helping the spare room transform from closet-where-things-go-to-die to room-where-I-make-stuff.

How about you? Any thrifting adventures this week?


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