positive friday

Happy Friday!  What’re you getting into this weekend?  Anything good?

I will be on a jet-plane tomorrow, headed to the Riviera Maya for a week of bliss with Mr Okunola.  And don’t try breaking into my house either, internet world.  I’ve got a killer lab-pitbull mix, a sophisticated alarm system and a house-sitting best friend who would love to knock you out with a baseball bat.  Just saying.

I’ll still be posting from Mexico, both here and at ReadyMade, so don’t stop checking in.   Who knows what I’ll find for a giveaway while visiting our southern neighbor?

Hope you had a great week and are looking forward to an even better fin de semana.

Photo Credit: Friends of Type

5 responses to “positive friday

  1. Have a wonderful week. I just returned from Puerta Vallarta, 82, sunny, ocean breezes, crashing surf all night, full moon. Couldn’t wait to get home to dirty snow and icy dispositions.
    Happy for you.

  2. Happy Friday! The week flew by. Packing for me. Enjoy Mexico!

  3. Have fun and take lots of pictures. Btw…congrats on the readymade gig.

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