hola from mexico

After three hours in line at customs (five agents for thousands of visitors), an argument with the rental car company about their insurance policies and a two hour drive from Cancun, we finally made it to the town of Tulum on Saturday just before sundown. This is my first time in Mexico and I am so happy to have finally made the trip.

I got to thinking, as I imagine a lot of travelers do, of chucking all of the responsibilities of home, discovering a rich, long-lost uncle somewhere and opening my own little hotel or bed and breakfast somewhere.

It would be small, no more than six rooms. My hotel would not be on a beach but it would be within walking distance. I would still need a semblance of city-living going on around me: noise, energy, shops opening, cars starting, dogs barking, merchants haggling. There would be a small house attached to the hotel and this is where we would live. There would be six rescued doggies prowling the grounds. And maybe some outdoor cats. And some roosters, some really loud roosters. I’m probably the only person alive that would want that natural alarm clock around at six in the morning and I’m not sure the guests would be happy, but this is my fantasy-land, thankyouverymuch.

There would be a huge bookshelf lining a back wall with tons of used novels and magazines. A really big comfy couch would sit in the lobby, ready to receive weary travelers. I would serve coffee and tea and cookies in mugs rescued from the junk store.

I’d love to go on with this fantasy (and was about to start posting photos of my ideal hotel rooms) but I’m sitting in the shade at a roadside internet cafe getting eaten alive by mosquitos, my coffee is almost done and the beach is calling my name.

More from Mexico coming up. Next time with bug spray.


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