seen on the street: animalitos de lana

On Friday afternoon, our last full day in Mexico, I took a little stroll down Tulum’s boulevard to do some souvenir shopping for the lovelies in my life. Unfortunately, I only managed to pick up three items before the heat and stomach cramping (no, I did not drink the water) cut my walk short.
Lucky for me, the first shop I stumbled upon was selling handicrafts actually made in Mexico– a feat since most of the shops I visited during the week were filled with yucky tourist crap: canvas bags made in China but emblazoned with Frida Kahlo’s portrait, for instance.

These little guys brightened up my day. I haven’t been able to come up with much info from hunting around online, but the woman selling them told me they were made in Chiapas state, partly out of those ubiquitous Mexican blankets. She said they were known as “de lana,” which is the Spanish word for wool. The selection was huge. Cats, fish, birds, giraffes, monkeys, dogs. I even got myself a cute little duck.


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