look! vintagey suitcases on the wall

I’ve been bumbling around the interwebs tonight, trying to find the perfect way to display two amazing suitcases I found at Salvation Army a few months ago. They’re currently acting as dog-steps so my pup can gaze (bark) out the window but I’m a little tired of the placement. Above is an inspiring photo via everyone’s favorite megablog.

And here are my own. Not the best photo, but you get the idea. What would you suggest I do with these babies?

And oh, yes… the price? $24 for both. I love thrifting.


5 responses to “look! vintagey suitcases on the wall

  1. I’ve seen the benches before. AAWC?

  2. YES! They were a gift from dear papa. If anyone else is interested, you can purchase at:
    Wisconsin African American Women’s Center
    3020 W Vliet St
    Milwaukee, WI 53208
    Or email godsil.james@gmail.com and he can put you in contact. 🙂

  3. Yesinia Sepulveda

    Mami, IMO I really like the suitcases as you have them. They compliment the space well, at least in the pichas you shared. I LOVE those auditorium chairs BTW!!!

    • Good to hear! I was beginning to think they looked a little strange but the dog loves his little spot. The chairs are my favorites. I only wish they were more comfortable to sit in!

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