spare room?

This photo comes from a house tour AT posted a few weeks ago.  Flipping through the set, you notice that not much indicating a person lives here is left lying around.  And hey, I definitely wouldn’t mind sleeping in this room.  But where’s the alarm clock?   The reading lamp?  The cell phone charger?  The earrings on the nightstand? The slippers at the foot of the bed?  Where are all the essentials?

While cleaning up on Sunday morning after the wonderful party we had on Saturday night I realized that I kind of like my apartment sans the junk I leave lying around– even though that “junk” is well contained and prettily organized on shelves, countertops and in files.  Before folks started arriving, I stashed everything not needed for the party into our spare room and I was having a hard time bringing it all back out I still haven’t brought it all back out.

It’s pretty nice to not view a stack of bills upon entering the apartment after a long day at work even though they’re inside of a beautiful vintage metal tray.  Who wants to be face to face with responsibility all the time?  But here’s the flip side: if the bills aren’t out where I can see them they’ll never get paid.

It’s also nice to not have the toaster oven cluttering up my already limited counter space.  But who can imagine hauling that thing out of the pantry every time I want a piece of warm pie?

I’m really enjoying not having four pairs of shoes next to the door.  But if they’re not next to the door, I have to unlazy myself and go into the already cluttered closet to find them and deal with an annoyed husband wondering where I hid his Clarks.

Where’s the toothbrush?  Hell, where is the soap?

All of these photos we drool over in magazines and on websites have to be mucho stylized ’cause it’s rare that you see a pair of shoes by the door and how can ya not have at least one pair of shoes by the door? I really like the aesthetic of this home.  I just can’t imagine keeping myself organized enough to pull it off.

What about you? Could you live in a super spare apartment?  Where do you stash your stuff?


2 responses to “spare room?

  1. I enjoy the thought of living in an apartment that has no daily necessities laying around to give an ambiance of “clutter” but as you were saying in the magazines you rarely see a pair of shoes, (maybe a dog) but definitely not soap, or toothbrushes.

    But realistically, I feel like the house doesn’t look lived in, (when it’s for a party that’s a different story) and it’s hard to keep up, which means unless I have a man that is putting everything away behind himself, that I am going to be cleaning up behind him.

    The good and the bad!

  2. LOL at randomly seeing pets in mags. They’re cuter than toothbrushes I suppose 😉

    I would like to see more lived-in homes– more stuff we all have to have for our day-to-day responsibilities… but I also don’t want to show those items off in my own home! You’re right. The good and the bad…

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