out to the porch we go!

Photo Credit: AT

While it is still hovering below fifty degrees here in Chicago, there’s no reason not to drool over some photos in anticipation of spring finally hitting us in the Midwest.  Let’s peruse some porches, shall we?

Photo Credit: AT

The stacked planters make great use of limited space. Click here for some great raised beds from Earth Easy.

Photo Credit: The Design Files

Yes, this is outside! The vintage signage, the chairs, the little blue stool. In love.

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt

Hanging candles in a vintage vessel.  Super pretty and romantic.

Photo Credit: RedOrangePink

Sweet table + blue chair. This area of Flickr user RedOrangePink’s apartment garden makes me feel right at home. See more here.

Photo Credit: dcfkaf

My day job is at a fancy schmancy restaurant and we go through tons of wine crates.  Would be neat to spray paint and use as porch storage.

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt

The star light is so cute! And yellow always brightens up my day.

Now please excuse me as I go shiver myself off to work. Let’s go, Spring. Haul your ass to Chicago so I can decorate my porch.


7 responses to “out to the porch we go!

  1. Love these ideas

  2. In love with the birdie candle holder in the first photo.

  3. these are great.

  4. Definitely will need to revisit this post once I get to hanging out on the porch in a month or so.

    There are some Christmas lights hanging out there right now, but I want something else up there for lighting when it will be my extra room!

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