back porch chronicles

The weather did not cooperate, but I toughed it out in three sweaters and my North Face to update the back porch on Sunday morning. Chicago was gray and gloomy, windy and cold. Spray painting black chairs orange brightened up the day considerably.

This little re-do cost me less than thirty dollars if you don’t count around ten bucks for Krylon’s H20 Latex spray paint, which is the worst paint I have ever handled. I bought two yellow canisters for my chairs and both sputtered out dribbles of paint after ten seconds. Refund! Thankfully, I had some orange left over from my spice rack project.

There’s not much to say about spray painting. It’s easy and fast. The city of Chicago does not officially allow sales of spray paint inside city limits, but some hardware stores starting with A and ending with E sell it quietly.

The spray painting was finished quickly and I still had energy, so I looked around the house for things to tinker with. I get in this obsessive zone where I have to change something, anything and I can’t sit still until I do. That’s when I saw my junk store plates sitting all lonely and unloved on a windowsill. I had some plate hangers left over from that spice rack project. Perfect for our barn-red porch wall.

A few bangs of the hammer and we’re done. I ran out of hangers and still have tons of plates so this is just the beginning. Plates, so far, seem to be a good idea for outdoor art. It doesn’t matter if they get wet, you can clean them easily, they won’t rust. And I don’t have earthquakes to worry about so they won’t fall to the ground.

Upcoming projects still on tap for the back porch: painting an outdoor rug, sewing new seat cushions for the chairs, getting my plants out there just as soon as this weather decides to support life and finding a little iron or wicker couch frame or bench to lounge on. Cross your fingers for decent temperatures this weekend!


8 responses to “back porch chronicles

  1. Now lets just hope that the pigeons don’t come back and try and nest on the plates!

    Nice work!

  2. Thank ya kindly, ladies. And those pigeons will make a liberal chick like me join the NRA and buy a b b gun!

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