bowerbirds, darwin and decor (and some mobb deep)

Photo Credit: ricmcarthur

Survival of the fittest in this bird’s world means creating a carefully curated bower of brightly colored flowers, deer dung, shells, berries and stones, among other items. These he uses to draw in his female companion for mating.

Male bowerbirds spend hours and sometimes days amassing and putting together this tableau and hope to get picked over their compatriots once the ladies arrive. Female bowerbirds will select their mates based on the quality of their bower. Items that are hardest to obtain will yield the most attention and it seems they’re quite picky. The Mister and I caught the bird episode of Life, Discovery Channel’s newest super-filmed venture into what makes the world around us, last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about these little guys all day.

Can you imagine? A male (bird), designing his “home” with care and skill, all to attract a mate? I love it!

This begs the question… have you ever met a male who put as much care into his home as these birdies have? (male readers, other than my husband and father and Russ G., feel free to speak up, I have been waiting to hear from you for ages…) You think he did it for himself or for mating purposes?

Ah, Darwinism; ever present, even in our home decor.

Read more about these super birds here and check out the episode that caught my eye here.


9 responses to “bowerbirds, darwin and decor (and some mobb deep)

  1. deer dung/bean bag, it’s all the same really….I ended up with the goods….

  2. No, I haven’t. But when I do, I’m going to snatch him up and shout it from the rooftops! LOL

  3. So the bowerbird guy who worked hardest and smartest, most gracefully(?), crafting nests for life, won the widest choice of bowerbird gals?

  4. Or was it that special lady?

    For life, or season to season?

  5. may you should google up weaver birds. i fell in love with them in mauritius. they build this amazing nests that vary in shape. i took some photos of the ones in mauritius.

  6. My husband is fixing up the bathroom. The bowerbird method is working for me.

  7. may – the birds in mauritius were building them out of sugar cane leaves

    they were beautiful

    i collected the abandoned ones and photographed them and did some drawings

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