back porch chronicles pt. 2 + thrifted!

Whew. I had a jam-packed thrifty weekend. It’s Tuesday evening and I’m still tired. Let’s take a look-see at some new finds.

I’m not quite sure what these BLUEBERRY labeled jars once held. My guess is blueberry syrup? They were dug out from a pile of vintage restaurant-ware at the junk store. Yes, the same restaurant-ware I posted about here. My husband and my chef (well, not MY chef, but the chef that controls my work life) kindly accompanied me on a junking mission Saturday morning, their first time visiting. Let’s say that while they appreciated the experience and the Mister even got some amazing photos out of the deal, it’s not going to be a priority stop for either one of them in the near future. No matter. More junk for me and you.

Also purchased at the junk store, these bricks are making do quite well in their new life as plant stands. I think I went a little too bold with the spray paint and I’m planning on going back on Saturday for more bricks. I’d like to paint them barnhouse red to stay on the vintage-y side instead of the modern fun-house vibe they’re giving off now. What are your thoughts?

I’m stepping up the flower game out here on the back porch and hunting for vintage vessels. I haven’t come across any yet but my eyes are definitely peeled.

The chair you partially see here was left to die in the backyard by the previous tenants. A bright coat of purple gives it a new lease on life.

Those are my thrifting updates for the weekend… minus the urban dig at my first estate sale. More on that quite shortly.

Did you find anything amazing this weekend? What are you on the hunt for? Are you with me on the brick color?


12 responses to “back porch chronicles pt. 2 + thrifted!

  1. That mystery store….can I come along next time you go? Promise, I’ll swear myself to secrecy.

  2. I agree about the bricks, at first, I thought they looked colorful and fun, but once you referred to them as “fun house” feel, I thought that vintage-y works better.

  3. Th jars look IHOP syrup containers. Love the brkc flower stands

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