seek vintage : the grand opening

I’m the kind of gal who digs dirty, disorganized thrift stores.

I love mucking around in the nastiest of trenches to find my treasures on the cheap.

I’m proud that I can walk into a vintage “boutique” and pick out three or four items, tell you what I paid for them, and guarantee that their sale price in the cleaned up shop is five to ten times more.

Because of this, I have avoided most fancy-schmancy vintage shops in the Chicago area in favor of my beloved Sal Army and Brown Elephant and Village Discount Outlet and was unsure of what I and three girlfriends would find at the grand opening of Seek this past weekend.

Turns out, I was pleasantly surprised. . .

But enough about me. Meet Tanisha, Aziza and Shari. All four of us have different styles and tastes and for a well-rounded little review, I thought I’d let them tell you what they thought of the new kid on the block.

Shari: Seek is a cute little vintage store in West Town that has a wide selection of quirky goodness. I saw a few things I remember from my mom’s house growing up (like Walt Disney World mugs and a lovely silhouette of golden birds to mount on your wall). They had pretty much everything …couches, fans, clothing, purses, etc. Though, I do have to point out a lot of the tee-shirts didn’t look “vintage” to me. Not sure what counts as vintage these days, but most of the stuff in Seek was legit.

Aziza: Seek is the quintessential vintage shop that you should definitely take someone to upon a visit to the city for a great find. You’re bound to find something for everyone on your list even if you’re shopping for a multitude of persons.

Tanisha: Seek’s focus seemed to be late seventies early eighties finds. The glass I bought had that late-seventies typography that reminded me of my childhood.

How were the prices?

Aziza: Prices at Seek were great. I went into the grand opening thinking that I wouldn’t be able to afford much, aside from a couple plates and knick-knacks; however, I was pleasantly surprised at finding a cute green mid-century like stool for only $20!

Shari: I thought the prices were very reasonable! Well. . .for most things. $5 for that set of bookends Tanisha picked up was a bit much. . . but for the most part, I was surprised at how low the prices were.

Tanisha: The prices were reasonable. I didn’t expect Salvation Army prices because their pieces have been curated.

When will you be heading back?

Tanisha: Soon, definitely. I really want to go through the clothing racks since it was very crowded when we went.

Shari: I’ll probably go back when I’m in the market for new home furnishings.

Aziza: Probably this weekend. The crowd was very thick. I definitely want to head back and be able to walk around without so much foot traffic, and to be able to see everything without stepping on toes and having to maneuver around stationary people.

My thoughts? Go now. Seek is a clear step above other vintage shops in Chicago. The prices are just a teensy bit above the Salvation Army on Grand Avenue right now and I hope they stay that way. The selection is broad. And you get to stop for jibaritos at Habana Libre right down the block after shopping ’til you drop.

Seek Vintage
1432 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642-5232
(312) 526-3164

Thank you Zazzles, Tanisha and Sharissimo! xxoo


3 responses to “seek vintage : the grand opening

  1. Wish this was in Milwaukee.

  2. Fun times! I like how all the pics turned out.

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