positive friday!

I am in love with this photo from my cousin Kellie’s apartment in Brooklyn.   Vintage adoration must run in my family. The star of the show’s name is Grimble. How cute is he?

Happy, happy, happy Friday!  It’s been a cool, blustery week in Chicago and will rain later, but for now I’m happy with the little sunshine we’re receiving.

– Did you catch my post about turning a thrifted cheese grater into a jewelry organizer over at Inside, Out?  If you’re a  fan of ReadyMade on Facebook, check out the reader comments and pay attention to this gem from Bill:  “It’s neither Crazy nor Cute – it’s stupid and ugly. Sorry.”  Thanks for the input, Bill! Jokes aside, it was a fun post and I’ve got a new repurposing idea up my sleeve for the weekend.

Hint: it involves a new idea based on one of the diy chandeliers I posted about on Wednesday.

–  I’m listening to this on repeat today.

– Found out that Tara is going to be selling GORGEOUS jewelry at the brand new Hester Street Fair in NYC this weekend. The piece I’m coveting is above and only $8. Check out Classy Brass and go visit if you’re in the area. Feel free to pick up that brooch and send it my way.

– For Chicagoans: Diana at Fine Diving let us know about a hotel liquidators sale taking place on Sunday, with three prices only: $5, $10 and $15. A bunch of us are planning to caravan down there and check out the goods. The chairs Diana posted belong in my living room.

– A Facebook status update from my papa made my day this morning: “I would say that 325 of 350 children at Honey Creek School Worm Man Show (along wth food garden installation the kids assisted with) were “transported with joy” at the chance to sift through my black gold and pick up the worms for placement in fresh compost. “I like worms now.” “I loved touching the worms!” “Worms are… adorable!” “Worm mania.” The girls and boys were equal in their transcendent exuberance.”

– My friend Temi forwarded an amazing documentary on Lagos, Nigeria. Beware that if you click these, you won’t be able to do anything else productive for the next hour or so. Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four.

That’s all I got. Have a great weekend!


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