getting serious about organizing: cool shelves

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I got rid of my hand-me-down Ikea Expedit about six months ago.
I painted the dresser that had been holding crafting and art supplies in the room-where-things-go-to-die (RWTGTD) last week.
I moved my wicker shelving to the front room to hold books.

Now I am stuck with no storage for RWTGTD. Which means RWTGTD is looking like a bomb went off and wouldn’t you know it, my father-in-law is coming to town for a visit this weekend and RWTGTD will have to transform into a guest room within the next forty-eight hours. I’m terrified.

Added to this is the little fact that I am hoarding glassware and vintage goodies for a special project and space in our pantry and closet is at capacity. I need shelving for RWTGTD, STAT. And it needs to be cheap. The photo above from this awesome Tumblr is speaking to both my wallet and my aesthetic. I think I’ve seen similar shelving at Ikea for super-cheap. Looks like a trip to the ‘burbs is in order.

Alternatively, I could make use of some of the bricks I have been hoarding. Next, I could take the shelving my buddy Kate picked up from Smith and Hawkins when they closed. I could spray paint them all the same color and construct a neat little shelf for the cost of a few cans of white spray paint. I understand that this sounds bootleg and initially, horrendous, but I’m kinda liking the challenge that will come with trying to make it look good. On the other hand, it could turn out to be a horrible disaster. And I don’t have time for horrible disasters.

What is a girl to do?


15 responses to “getting serious about organizing: cool shelves

  1. just a thought, but if you have access to metal shelves like above….. paint them (or not), and then get some fabulous fabric and super strong magnets (probably found at a hardware store) and hide the shelves with the fabric.

    OMG! I’ve just solved my very own problem! I have Metro shelving that I scavenged long ago and have been trying to figure out how to hang fabric on them for a couple years now. Epiphany! šŸ™‚ (& duh!)

    • Love it, Sasha! I love when I figure something out by giving suggestions. I think I will use your magnet and fabric idea for our bedroom door… I know, sounds crazy, but I think it will work… Epiphany over here, too!

  2. I have been re-doing my studio for a few months and am in shelf organization limbo. I’m a sculptor/sewing geek/jewelry maker a.k.a. “jack of all trades, master of none” and need multi-use storage and that is why I am crippled with indecision. I do love thinking about this stuff and renovating in my head. I think it’s about time to finally get some cool decorative boxes and finish the job. You’ve made me re-think the metal shelf idea and I like Sasha’s comment about the magnets and fabric idea. Thanks, gals!

    • I think metal shelving can look industrially chic, right? As long as it’s organized or, as Sasha said, tucked behind some curtains. The space I’m using is a shoebox, so I know how small space living can be hard!

  3. Hi again,

    Another thought on the shelving situation…..

    I have a number of the boring white Dania shelves (that used to be 3 for $99) very similar to the Billy shelves from IKEA. I used tension rods on top and bottom (exposing the top shelf) and cut fabric to fit + a few inches — sew a rod pocket for both top and bottom, slide the rods through pop it in and presto – ‘junk’ be hidden! I’ve made a few out of favorite fabrics and change them out occasionally.

    Tension rods might even work on that style of metal shelves pictured, but the posts would probably be exposed (use those for holding pics with magnets or something similar — or not).

  4. I say go for the bricks and spray-painted shelves. Bricks look great white washed, too! Then, after your company leaves, you can use the shelving on your porch. šŸ™‚

    • I started my spray painting tonight– my back is killing me from hauling the damn bricks from the backyard up to the porch… but it is DONE, minus the shelving. I couldn’t find white either, so they’re light blue… uh-oh. It’s looking okay so far, but I wish I had the time to do something more pleasing to the eye. You’re right about the porch! That is exactly where they will go when the houseguest heads on home! šŸ™‚

  5. PS It is a horrible disaster. I didn’t have white spray paint and I was impatient. Not cute.

  6. bummer! but luckily it’s just paint —- get some white paint and start over… I hate it when that happens, (but I will say, impatience makes the job longer :-/ —- & it happens to all of us.) send pics when you’re finished.

  7. i needed shelves for a range of different things in my last apartment (plants, books, knick knacks, office and art supplies, printer and other electronic stuff). I went with Ikea’s Gorm because it’s really versatile and cheap. The wide range of shelf heights and the ability to add more was great. They can be painted, but I didn’t. I also used the tension rod trick over the messy area, although unlike Sasha, I was lazy and I just folded and pinned an old curtain to fit. I tied it back when I was working, and pulled it closed when I had people over.
    Bonus, it can all disassemble and be (relatively) flat, which is awesome for moving.

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