prints and patterns and prints

Photo by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

I’m a big, big fan of mixing lots of prints and patterns together. So when I opened the most recent (borrowed) issue of Elle Decor this afternoon, I instantly fell in love with the room in the photo above. 

Being a dog owner and trying to keep a nice home can be tough. I mean, I love the kisses and the doggy-smiles and the jumping-over-and-knocking-me-down kind of love our boy gives but it would be so nice to have a clean, hair free couch. So nice. Instead, I have the love of a gorgeous puppy and a paw-print-dog-bone-covered couch. My mother-in-law even brings a blanket out for her to sit on when she visits. The shame I have because of that, let me tell you.

On the plus side, I get to experiment with different blankets, throws, sheets, fabrics and even tablecloths as a way of covering up some of the more serious cushion and armrest damage. I can toss any type of tapestry onto the cushions, tuck it in real nice, and have a brand new couch in minutes. My couch has been green with light white flowers, dark blue and white, all in the same month. It didn’t require reupholstering like the couch in the photo, just a piece of fabric. Same result, right? (Okay, I know, not really.)

I once read that Nate Burkus doesn’t believe in using blankets or throws on the couch to cover up dog debris. I cannot imagine what he does in lieu of this easy little shortcut other than hiring someone to scrub the cushions down nightly.

What do you, pet-owners, do about your little furball’s disgusting habits? Keep them far away from couch and chair? Scrub nightly? Were you really smart and really lucky like my friend Kate B? She found a gorgeous, modern brown leather couch on Craigslist that easily wipes clean and I am so jealous of her for it. Do I still get to be in your good graces even though I just cover up the mess?


6 responses to “prints and patterns and prints

  1. Our dog isn’t allowed on the couch, the cat is above rules, clearly still pet hair in the vicinity. We have a microfiber couch. It’s tough, but doesn’t hold the hair. I’m not hair covered when I get up, and I can’t tell you the last time it was vacuumed. Love it.

    • Well, he’s technically not allowed on the couch… but we let his front paws and body lay on one of us which kind of defeats the purpose, ha ha! The hair isn’t bad, its the dirt from his paws and the bones he chews. I need to get better at pushing him off but I love the company!

  2. Labs are notorious shedders :-/ I must brag and say that my doggie doesn’t shed! she’s a Poodle (don’t laugh – her boyfriend is a German Shepherd 🙂 but she is still not allowed on the furniture unless invited.

    Microfiber fabric is awesome & the next best thing to leather (actually better in a way b/c the scratch marks don’t show). I have friends with a BEAUTIFUL green leather sofa —but it’s been ruined by dog claws 😦

    Believe it or not those ugly household doing-the-dishes gloves work miracles. Put them on, get a little water on ’em, wipe away with your hands and you will be amazed at the amount of hair you’ll get (from your clothes too). Probably still have to vac, but that will get a LOT of it up. Lint rollers (so so results & you have to go through a number of sheets) or those red ‘magic’ lint brushes do a fairly decent job (I have cats too & they do shed :-/

    I don’t know what to tell you about dirt/mud & dog slobber other than train him off the furniture (check out clicker training books).

    OH, my friends with the green leather finally did something to keep their beasts off of the sofa. They lay a couple big sheets of foil on when they are not sitting on it. The dogs hate the noise and stay off. That way you don’t always have to be on guard & reprimanding. (A squirt bottle set on ‘stun’ and a firm (and consistent) OFF might help too). I think there is some sour apple (or something like that spray stuff) that dogs don’t like. You might try that for a while to make it less alluring. And get him one of those comfy doggy beds so he has his own ‘sofa’ to sleep on. My cats have numerous alternatives to the furniture and that seems to work well with them.

    whew that was a long response…..

    • I’m laughing so hard at the poodle and german shepherd love story 😉

      I think we are seriously going to have to think about micro-fiber. Although leather would be okay since his nails are not sharp… And we have a nice bed for him but he loves to lounge on my lap and I am SUCH a sucker!

      It looks like I am stuck with either a new sofa or a deep cleaning cause I cannot imagine watching a movie without him on my lap! 😉

  3. You could try wrapping it in shrink wrap!! We have 2 cats and lots of cat hair. They like to sit in my great aunts green chair to look out the window, needless to say the chair is now a grayish green. The movers wrapped it in shrink wrap and much to my surprise when we removed all the shrink wrap the chair was green again! Like brand new!

    • Brilliant! I saved a lot of the plastic our movers used on our last couch… I’m going to try this tonight. Thank you!

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