thrifted: milk glass into planter


I haven’t done a thrifted post in quite awhile, and it is definitely not for lack of thrifting. I am overdue for an update and since I’m typing from the back porch and peering over at my lovely milk glass planters, they seem a very appropriate subject.

One of these planters was a Christmas gift from my dear friend Kate (seen here, showing us how to do an awesome upcycled chair) and I was trying to think of a way to have it out in the open everyday and not just on a counter somewhere when I came across its sister in another thrift shop. Mind you, Kate also thrifted her gift to me and I love her for it. The two combined made perfect sense placed atop a thrifted chest out on the back porch.

My grandmother gave me a huge pothos plant two years ago and I have been cutting and growing and potting and cutting and growing and potting since then. They work perfectly inside the milk glass and will grow like vines, Chicago weather depending. Scattered around the house are at least eight plants that I chopped from the original. Kind of like Gram’s kids and grandkids, always growing, all around me.

Plus, pothos are impossible to kill and that bodes well for my lazy style of plant-parenting.

Even Mister Sway got in on the action.

Planter 1: Gifted
Planter 2: Thrifted, $3.80
Pothos: Gram
Chest: Thrifted, $15
Little Bicycle: Gifted by Papo, from the sadly now-closed Brady Street Pharmacy in Milwaukee
Total: $18.80

PS Have you noticed the font change at Urban Casita? No more Serif! Rejoice!


3 responses to “thrifted: milk glass into planter

  1. i murdered two succulents. there is no hope for me and plants.

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