positive friday

So proud!

My Papo’s Sweet Water Organics was written up in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Read all about it.

Happy, happy Friday! A warm-weather weekend is upon us. Yes.

– Check out Amanda! I love this photo of the artist at work and ya know my favorite piece is right behind her… Tomorrow, I’m headed to EastBank Studios to check out her show: Hot Dam Ho Here We Go Again. Bonus points if you leave message in the comments with the song that quote is from…

– If you are part of an engaged couple in the Chicago area, come say hi to me at the Foodie Registry Launch Party on Sunday at Catalyst Ranch. I’ll be there with Kate B. and we’ll have some yummy ricotta cheesecake by Pastry Chef Tony Galzin for you to sample. Check out the video and RSVP info here.

That’s all for me today! Enjoy your weekend!

And happy, happy birthday to Chibueze…


4 responses to “positive friday

  1. Love that article in the WSJ ’bout your dad & his company. That is so cool! I don’t necessarily want to farm fish, but I love growing veggies & I’ve thought about what else I could grow for profit in a small space – like mushrooms, but haven’t gotten there yet. Anyway, that’s a subject for another blog, but I had to send kudos for your daddy!

    ok, I’m probably showing my age AND my ignorance, but that song should be lil’ kim’s – “quiet storm remix” (totally cheated and googled that 🙂 —only in it for the bonus points!

    have a great weekend. The sun is out in the Pacific Northwest!

  2. You it’s the real shit , shit to make you feel shit.. Hip hop hip hop hip hop. Whooo! one of my greatest “heading to the club” memories involves that song.

  3. You guys win! 😉

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